A Winter Camp Moment with Dancing Bear

Written by Dancing Bear 

Dancing Bear

Right now I’m sitting on a fallen tree at the north shore of Woodbury Lake. I like to sit here and listen to the sounds of the trees. Caretaker is a little bit further west from me. Caretaker and I are out finding firewood to bring back home (Camp). Berry Love stayed back to prepare her bow drill so she can make a fire.

It is the hottest sun in a long time and there are no clouds. I don’t even need mittens for writing.

On my way here, I saw some interesting deer tracks on the frozen lake. The tracks made many circles, then back and forth, and jumps further than one body length. I also saw four spots where the deer were lying down. Last sun, I saw something similar, but I haven’t figured out yet what they were doing. I want to show this to my camp mates and maybe the guides to hear their opinions. My interest in tracking was pretty low when I first came here, but now my interest is growing.

And now it’s time to get some firewood and ramble back to Camp.

Stay tuned for more adventures!



One thought on “A Winter Camp Moment with Dancing Bear

  1. Dear Dancing Bear, thank you for your description. I like to imagine what you are doing in the wilderness and reports like this are helpfull. It sounds for me that you are on the right place for nearly one year – outside of the civilisation. Thats fine! I´m proud of you and your clan that you are doing this.
    ..to brave the weather in all its forms and to live like a family with people who were foreign before.
    Lots of love from your mother Gabi.

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